Callian Capital Group has assembled a team of individuals with a wealth of experience and connectivity across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
These partnerships only strengthen our commitment to providing our investors with industry-leading levels of performance, execution, transparency and reporting – a commitment we keep with the utmost integrity.
Our clients range from dynamic entrepreneurs to leading executives, all of whom appreciate the value of sophisticated research, analysis and portfolio management. Most are referred to us based on our reputation for excellence.
Callian Capital Group excels in identifying, researching and performing due diligence on various investment vehicles. At your request we can work with discretionary authority over your account, maintaining vigilance on all aspects of risk minimization and diversification, as well as combining traditional and alternative investment strategies.


Discerning investors and entrepreneurs rely on the Callian Capital Group for world-class performance and proven results — but most important to the firm is that these are built on a solid foundation of customer service. For Callian, one strength underlies all others: the preeminent value we place on relationships — relationships with both business partners and influential clients alike.


As a boutique investment firm, it’s imperative that we provide highly individualized, personal attention at every point of contact. In keeping vital lines of communication open, we foster solid relationships, share knowledge and build consensus.


The Callian Group is a globally active Toronto-based investment and capital management firm comprised of Callian Capital Partners (Investment Banking), Callian Private Equity, and Callian Private Wealth Management & Family Office. Our activities also encompass trading and consulting. Our services are valued by an elite clientele encompassing multinational institutions, sovereign funds, large corporations, prominent family offices, and a select number of sophisticated private investors from around the world.
From complex wealth management and investment advice to corporate finance and investment banking expertise, we are able to provide comprehensive counsel, diverse resources and tailored solutions to meet the most exacting requirements.

Investment Banking

Callian Capital Partners delivers a comprehensive range of integrated investment banking products and services to optimize the entire capital structure, combining sophisticated technical expertise with access to a large pool of institutional and ultra-high net worth investors.

Callian Capital Partners synthesizes market insight and intelligence with deep capital market expertise to create and manage bespoke solutions geared toward achieving a client’s specific strategic objectives. Our analysis process starts with comprehensive research, then branches into advisory services, securities sales and trading, capital raising and, finally, when timing is most opportune, execution.

Our central commitment is to provide full personal attention at every stage of the capital-raising process.

Private Equity

Callian Private Equity creates value and transforms businesses by investing directly in well-managed, well-positioned companies in need of capital for strategic growth, acquisitions, market expansion, balance sheet restructuring and more. We actively and continually seek out unique opportunities in which value is not necessarily immediately apparent or easily accessible.

In acting as a deal origination channel for our other investor segments, Callian Private Equity partners with qualified enterprises to provide investment, timely counsel and a full complement of other services to support consistent long-term growth.

Our approach is fundamentally contrarian, high conviction, always objective, and consistently client-focused.

Private Wealth Management

Callian Private Wealth Management is a comprehensive investment service designed to preserve and grow the wealth of high and ultra-high net worth clients that include individuals, families, private companies, foundations and endowment funds. New clients are predominantly referred to Callian based on our reputation for excellence and integrity.

Callian clients have high expectations for wealth management performance. We present clients with a full range of exclusive opportunities and sophisticated solutions that are often proprietary and difficult to access. The savvy, experienced and versatile Callian Private Wealth Management team has capability to meet and exceed the formidable expectations of our clients.

Family Office

Callian Family Office was founded to protect, grow and transfer established wealth across generations. Our traditions, heritage and historical investment returns comprise an enviable record of maximizing returns for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and families.
In addition, our experience with multi-jurisdictional families and assets enables us to assist and advise across a broad range of circumstances, from the once-in-a-lifetime tax opportunities afforded by a jurisdictional move to a complete financial review. Learn more by contacting us today.