Callian Capital Group has assembled a team of individuals with a wealth of experience and connectivity across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

These partnerships only strengthen our commitment to providing our investors with industry-leading levels of performance, execution, transparency and reporting – a commitment we keep with the utmost integrity.

Our clients range from dynamic entrepreneurs to leading executives, all of whom appreciate the value of sophisticated research, analysis and portfolio management. Most are referred to us based on our reputation for excellence.

Callian Capital Group excels in identifying, researching and performing due diligence on various investment vehicles. At your request we can work with discretionary authority over your account, maintaining vigilance on all aspects of risk minimization and diversification, as well as combining traditional and alternative investment strategies.


Callian Capital Chart represents: Callian Capital Private Wealth Management, Callian Capital Partners, Callian Capital Private Equity and Callian Family Office

Our services are valued by an elite clientele encompassing multinational institutions, sovereign funds, large corporations, prominent family offices, and a select number of sophisticated private investors from around the world.