From the beginning, the leadership of Callian Capital Group have felt a responsibility to use our ideas, people, and other resources to bring about positive change, both in communities where we work and live, and in places not so close to home.

We’ve found the following principles to be most helpful in guiding our philanthropic missions:

  • Focus primarily on economic growth and/or community engagement
  • Develop non-profit and educational networks exhibiting exceptional potential
  • Engage the personal resources of all levels of our firm, as appropriate
  • Measure results to ensure the validity of our efforts

In advancing Callian’s mission and “make a difference,” our philanthropic efforts thus far include:

  • The Princess Grace Foundation website

Callian Capital Group and its people have always prized the role that creativity plays in enriching the lives of individuals. In keeping with these values, we’ve chosen to do so through the arts – in particular, The Princess Grace Foundation, a highly worthy cause.

The Princess Grace Foundation is a non-profit, publicly supported charity headquartered in New York City. It was established in 1982 by Prince Rainier III of Monaco to honour the legacy of his dear wife, Princess Grace [Kelly].

In keeping with Princess Grace’s exceptional achievements in the performing arts, The Foundation’s mission is to identify and assist emerging talent in theatre, dance and film by awarding grants in the form of scholarships, apprenticeships and fellowships.

Since its inception, more than 800 recipients have deepened their talents through awards honouring the legacy of Princess Grace.

We are honoured to support this worthy cause, details of which you can learn about here.