To diversify is, of course, to increase safety of capital. But which type of investments, and how much of each? How will risk be quantified in each case, and how will it affect the whole? Callian excels in these and other, more esoteric, diversification-related issues.

Globally, there are many non-public, alternative investment opportunities, and Callian is privy to many of the world’s best through our numerous contacts. This is an invaluable avenue for diversification that is not readily available to less sophisticated boutique investment houses.

Subsequent to detailed research, we select and invest in a diversity of quality alternative and undervalued investments, reducing inherent risk significantly below that of any one market or investment, while simultaneously gaining resiliency to drawdown and a measurably higher return.

Superior alpha – additional reward gained over that expected for the commensurate risk – is a Callian hallmark.

The Callian Group is a globally active Toronto-based investment and capital management firm comprised of Callian Capital Partners (Investment Banking), Callian Private Equity, and Callian Private Wealth Management & Family Office. Our activities also encompass trading and consulting.