Callian Family Office was founded to protect, grow and transfer established wealth across generations. Our traditions, heritage and historical investment returns comprise an enviable record of maximizing returns for high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals and families.

In addition, our experience with multi-jurisdictional families and assets enables us to assist and advise across a broad range of circumstances, from the once-in-a-lifetime tax opportunities afforded by a jurisdictional move to a complete financial review.

We have distinguished ourselves from other family offices and independent wealth managers in a variety of important ways:

Multi-Generational Planning
Planning typically encompasses the goals of an entire family, which include transference of wealth to children and grandchildren. They, as clients themselves, are also counselled on investments, taxes, estate planning and philanthropy from youth.

Alignment of Interest
Unlike many investment managers, we often manage our own personal funds alongside that of our clients.

Breadth and Integration of Services
Our broad range of services means that we are typically able to oversee all aspects of your financial structuring and administration.

Long-Term Commitment
Our mission is to ensure the strength of your strategic wealth planning on behalf of future generations. It is our conviction that only a long-term investment focus can lead to increased prosperity.

Callian also partners with one of Canada’s oldest, most exclusive, and successful family offices, having come through a number of financial crises with great resilience while continuing to generate returns in excess of markets for our mutual clients.

Our independence as a family office frees us from any potential conflicts of interest with, for example, major financial business partners, allowing us to always act with full integrity in the best interest of our clients. We are an objective advisory service of the highest integrity, one that will always place your interests first.

Working in partnership with each client’s trusted advisors, we can also facilitate other personal services such as bill payment, revenue collection, assistance with eldercare, personal healthcare, education, property management and more.


Our services are valued by an elite clientele encompassing multinational institutions, sovereign funds, large corporations, prominent family offices, and a select number of sophisticated private investors from around the world.