As an independent investment manager, Callian is not aligned with any institution. Without the inherent conflicts of interest, we can capitalize on the best possible investment opportunities that arise.

Asset Allocation
We work directly with each client to develop the appropriate asset mix to ensure needs and objectives are met.

We employ a conservative fixed-income strategy designed to provide a high level of income while focusing on safety of principal. We only invest in high quality, income-generating securities.

We have a conservative philosophy that targets well established, conservatively financed firms that have decade-long track records of success.

We seek outstanding businesses that have high barriers to entry, reliable reoccurring revenues and high returns on invested capital resulting in strong free cash flow.

We invest only in companies whose shares are currently trading at a discount to their intrinsic value.

Track record
Our track record shows that the Callian Canadian & US equity performance ranks among the very top in investment performance results.

Portfolio Analysis
In addition to our wealth management capability, we can provide (as we do for our Family Services office):

  • A comprehensive global analysis of a client’s current investments over all asset classes (including alternative investments) and existing investment managers.
  • A detailed rate of return analysis by asset class and investment manager versus established benchmarks, as well as a global portfolio rate of return.
  • Recommendations on asset allocation and underperforming managers.

We then provide continuing oversight of a client’s current portfolios, including the monitoring of existing managers, portfolio activity and strict adherence to investment policies, as well as annual rates of return for individual managers, including overall return on the global portfolio.

Finally, we can assist in working with other family members to educate and prepare the next generation for the responsibilities they will assume in the future.


The Callian Group is a globally active Toronto-based investment and capital management firm comprised of Callian Capital Partners (Investment Banking), Callian Private Equity, and Callian Private Wealth Management & Family Office. Our activities also encompass trading and consulting.