Callian Private Equity creates value and transforms businesses by investing directly in well-managed, well-positioned companies in need of capital for strategic growth, acquisitions, market expansion, balance sheet restructuring and more. We relentlessly seek unique opportunities where value is not immediately apparent or easily accessible.

In acting as a deal origination channel for our other investor segments, Callian Private Equity partners with qualified enterprises to provide investment, timely counsel, and a diversity of other services to support long-term growth.

In turn, we also manage a number of private equity vehicles that target high growth investment opportunities where we have relationships with a valued network of local leaders in business, finance, industry and official circles. Our geographic footprint is notably one of the most diverse in the private equity space, and encompasses regions of strength across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Our approach is fundamentally contrarian, high conviction, always objective, and consistently client-focused.

Our services are valued by an elite clientele encompassing multinational institutions, sovereign funds, large corporations, prominent family offices, and a select number of sophisticated private investors from around the world.