We provide a distinct investment advantage through an exclusive network of partners in energy, refining and petrochemicals, thus enabling a dynamic, diversified trading strategy that lessens risk.

Our investment team provides us with a wealth of experience in some of the Middle East’s most stable and promising production regions. We further leverage special relationships, both with our industry partners and our clients, through the physical trade of oil and gas to optimize our distribution efficiency.



Our sizeable presence has proven itself a pillar of strength within our diversified commodities investment approach. Presently we trade food commodities where we maintain “first hand” knowledge and experience – rice, tea and sugar – as well as construction commodities such as steel and other raw materials. In combination with our expansive trading strategy, this enables consistent, substantial returns.

In addition, we prioritize efficient distribution through the coordinated re-allocation of commodities, as dictated by supply and demand across a variety of markets. To ensure stakeholder satisfaction at all levels, from farmers to smelters, we leverage our internal and external freight chartering services for optimal delivery efficiency. We also work alongside our own chartering specialists to adjust our transport options whenever required.

The Callian Group is a globally active Toronto-based investment and capital management firm comprised of Callian Capital Partners (Investment Banking), Callian Private Equity, and Callian Private Wealth Management & Family Office. Our activities also encompass trading and consulting.